Coco has shared her extraordinary gift of engaging audiences with her music in over 35 cities within 15 countries around the world! Her audiences are captivated by the amount of charm that goes along with her sultry vocals. She has a unique way of delivering the American Standards in a soulful way. It's storytelling to many different rhythms stemming from the music she grew up hearing--Blues, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Soul. Coco began writing her own songs of which 3 have been released in Stockholm, Sweden; Tokyo, Japan; Turin, Italy and Lucerne, Switzerland via iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. 


Coco was born in Washington, DC--the capital city of America where Soul music poured out into the streets to envigorate daily life as well to support all the civil rights activities that were happening. Her star started shining at the age of 4 when she was chosen to be the Mascot for the cheerleading sqad at her 1st Elementary school. Then, with the support of a musical Mother, she began competing in local Talent competitions and beauty pageants where she was able to achieve many accalades. Through encouragement from a Teacher (Mrs. Pearson), she went on to becoming an Oratorical Speaker and was thrust into many public speaking engagements around the DMV before she reached 11 years of age. 


Her first professional paying performances came in middle school where she learned how to act, sing and dance in a Sumer Musical Theater program under the tutalege of Doctor Thomasina Portis--Author of Music Matters: A Universal Language and Ministry. "This is where I learned the art of performing and developed a deep passion for the stage," says Coco. She went further to state that spending months each Summer with a Teacher who taught them the meaning behind each word or phrase and the reason why it's vital to serve people with our talents. "I would be on a non-musical path had it not been for Mama Portis. She literally saved my life with music!"


Three years later, after touring Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia in musicals, Coco went on to become her High School Queen--Miss H.D. Woodson Sr. High in 1984! Wearing that crown made her believe that anything was possible. That is why she was overjoyed when she won a chance to go to New York City to sing at The Apollo Theater in Harlem! While it was an honor to be on television, it was knowing that she was singing on the same stage as Ella Fitzgerald and James Brown that excited her the most!  

You can find Coco continuing her career in residence at yet another 5 star hotel in Bangkok--The Peninsula Bangkok. Other residences included the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, the Shangri-la Beijing, CH and Manila, PH and so many more. "It's the journey of creating new sounds, rhythms and melodies through my own music or other award-winning writers and performers that I live for. I am not in a hurry to be something or be somewhere other then who I am and where I am at this very moment! One song at a time" states Madame Rouzier!