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Can a Soul Sistah get her own Champagne
Meet me at the club..
I heard that a midweek GROOVE is good fo
Sunny, Hong Tae and I backstage under a
FooJohn was... The audience was..
It took so long for me to be comfortable
I respect the RHYTHM of life and have en
I get more JOY from telling the  story i
If you’re looking for _a good place to g
Red, gold and a little bit of bling..
S’WONDERDUL💖❤️💝 It was such a lovely e
Client demands to grow their business al
DREAMT in DIAMONDS last night..
Thank God for the Father who took his ad
WOWWWWWWWW! Look who stopped by _thestre
fwqMvUDhkTE_The pleasure of performing o
Things can never be perfect..
Thank heaven for little girls who look u
Singing for Tiffany’s Thailand, you’ve g
Encore! _#singers #divas #vocalist #ente
Last night was BEYOND!!! _beeper28 on th
Dreams come true..
Though celebrities are so much fun..
I love this poster that they created for
They gave them to me with 3 songs left t
It took so long for me to be comfortable
Got JAZZ_ Whether you prefer a legendary
Now, this is JAZZY!! All those tiny bubb
Feeling all aglow after a mini-self love
Come get that Friday night Jazzy feeling
Paradise that includes JAZZ! So ready🎼�
Coco’s Jazzy Groove (Sunny; Hong on D
Passionate about my Friday nights at _th
READY! EXCITED!! _bumpjazz #chinatownbkk
Living, laughing, dancing, singing, hugg
JAZZZZZZZZY_Wednesday & Friday!_#bangkok
Viva La Coco JAZZ! _#jazz #ising #jazzsi
Such a a family feeling with these fella
Before I get my week started, and only a
#ising #professionalsinger #blackinbangk
READY!🎤🎼🎶_#ising #iamready #blackinba
O t
Repeat after me..
When you try to “Glam Up” to go to the c
18 _7pm. Location_ St
You know I had to drop a fat tip for these fellas!!! Supporting “live music” (especially by the sea)
WOWWWWWW!!!! All these PHENOMENAL women came to see me tonight and it was MAGIC!!! #ajazzylifestyle
New friends... old friends... Soul music and you get memories that will last a lifetime🎼🎶🎉❤️🎊_ww
Today feels like the first day of a new life! Maybe because the last two weeks have been so dreamy❤️
Varin Sashdev)_#blackinbangkok #lifeisbeautiful #ilovebkk #diva #choc
Rigshaw Ride. Here, they give thanks to the machines that allow them to make a living. So cool
A gift to me..
I just took out my braids... now we be fronting an Afro! Anybody got a problem with that..
For brunch today, I visited  Celedan..
Offstage. Shades. Textures. Edges. Beads. Bangles
Coco covers Corcovado... #bossanova #jazzvocal #brasillianjazz #jazzycoco #jazzlyrics #jazzquartet #
You can take the girl out of the hood... but you can't take the hood out of the girl... and if the g
I love love love love birthdays🎉💖🎼🎶💝 We must allow people to love us!Congratulations Roberto! Y
My day off, I flew to another country to celebrate a friend's opening of his new restaurant! They br
Coco covers Corcovado... #bossanova #jazzvocal #brasillianjazz #jazzycoco #jazzlyrics #jazzquartet #
All wrapped up! cocorouzier
My shadow dancing with the waves. I forgot that she too was brave. Sand in my toes. The Sun smiling
Rest this art on my shoulder and a Sister can make an entrance.jpg.jpg
I ran into myself today..
Wow! What a night!!! 💖❤️🎼🎶🎤⭐️🌟✨💫 #lifeisbeautiful #jazzycoco #jazzylifeclub #pondicherrybeach
India is showing love and support for a Sistah!!💖❤️🌟⭐️✨💕💫_#Pondicherry #jazzycoco #blackswhotrav
--_Out of all the joints in all the world, they had to step into mine!--__What are the chances_ 1) I
When fans return with their friends and family in a festive mood..
The beach is where you remember your place in the universe! It's where I am reminded of how small I
Red. Gold. Braids. Bold. Eyes closed. Heart
We came. We swung
Coco Rouzier is ALL THAT JAZZ!!!! Stop by the Zuk Bar --next week Wed-Sat nights fr 9pm til late! Gl
About to make a Remix of my song_ PARADISE [Music by The FunkLovers; Lyrics by Coco Rouzier] but it
New friends for life!!🙏🏽💕💖🤗😜🎼🎶 Some things you just know! Music makes us live in the moment!
Luke Cage, Thor, Iron Man, Idris Elba..
Yoga Inspired!🙏🏽_#jazzylife #blackinbangkok #zukbar  #yogainspiration #blackandwhite #balancelife
Young drummer holding it steady.jpg.jpg.jpg Lorenzo Nardocci playing my favorite melodic game of cat
During a break from a Havana Night Private party here _The Zuk Bar! There are 8 Musicians in the hou
Saw them hugging outside the cafe this morning... I smiled💕 Wished I could get a hug like that
Ipanema... Coco-fied!🎼🎶🎶💖💕Jazz is meant to make you MOVE! cocorouzier
Meet Stella! My biggest fan and a new addition to my heart❤️🦋 Stella loves live music..
Onstage_ Intimate! _Offstage_ Introvert! The dynamics of my life around the world! Ummmm, the storie
Black on Black! _www.cocorouzier
Jazz Ain't Nothing But SOUL!!🎼🎶🎶😜💖💕❤️ #livemusicbangkok #bangkok101 #ajazzylifestyle #jazzismy
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Coco.jpg.jpg.jpg with Kung Fu team right after their AMAZING performance! One of these guys will be
I must survive this so that I can get my revenge!
The old Quartet featuring my drummer from Detroit, Noel Paris, Raphael DuCasse from Paris, France an
Top Manager.jpg He was really nice
This is the shot we started out with.jpg And then.jpg.jpg
Fun facial expressions that they couldn't keep for laughing! Norwegians are some beautiful people!
Here is our money shot!!!!!!
Celebrating my birthday with de French!
On Las Olas Boulevard with two great gals
At Timpano's with two Sexy Sisters
The Jazz Bar has such an ecclectic audience. I've NEVER seen so many young people at a Jam session.
At Smuget's Jam Session
Hanging out with my family from Fort Lauderdale
Hanging out with Political candidates in Hallandale, Florida
The Retro Party I threw at O'Hara's with my biggest fans
Just Boobing around with the show girls
Color Fantasy Show Team
The 70s Party on Color Magic... they made me do it
the Shop Ladies on Color Magic
I got the Viray's and the Macasaet's together for this shot! Two lovely couples that have supported
Two beautiful people who were ready to dance! How sweet!
It meant the world to me Julie Tan that you would stop by after an already busy night at your other
Michael and Cecillia (Opera Singers) and I enjoying an evening at a friends home! We laugh so much t
EXCITED! OVERJOYED! HOPEFUL!!!__The songs have been rehearsed, _the tickets are going fast_my upcomi
My biggest fan! One day, you will travel the world my friend
Sophia, it's like I've known you all my life! Really, rarely do I have that feeling with people
Taking a break at the bar in between sets
Juvy, a beautiful sweet humble as pie Vocalist I have the privilege to work with. I believe in you 2
Beijing's Media Divas
Grace is a _trip_. She keeps me laughing every time she comes. She is not scared to say whatever she
At JFK waiting on my flight to Iceland where I will connect with my French Trio... Raphael, Stefano
How awesome it is to be singing across the street from you! You can sing your butt off and you're ju
Kaiah and I saying goodbye… but I pray that we'll always be in each others lives
Karina and Marina, roomates and sisters in Christ. How cool you young beautiful women always made me
We were just starting our evening of Swinging Jazz!
Here with Kevin Dorrian... he looks like a sharp businessman, when actually, he's a kick-ass drummer
Here with Campbell Normand, the piano player who seemed to get energy from the music
Richard Washington, Janice Brown Wharwood, Anthony Matthews and Me
APRIL 20-21_ COCO ROUZIER, FUNKY, SWINGING JAZZ SINGER____This soulful songstress has been pouring o
God blessed me when he sent you into my life! Juliana Lima, you are so talented, fiesty, smart and y